json.load (f) is used to load the json file into python object.It takes an argument i.e., file name. Now we have to read the data from json file. For reading data we have to start a loop that will fetch the data from the list. print (emp) method simply print the data of json file. If we run the above code, we get following output. The current directory is when you run the Python script. 1. To get the current working directory, use os module. import os print (os. getcwd ()) Output: D:\Python_projects\demo\scripts. 2. In Python 3.4+, you can use pathlib module. import pathlib print (pathlib. In python, os.listdir at M:\stuff doens't find more_stuff; What I can do: Typing M:\stuff\more_stuff into the address bar lets me access the folder like normal. Because there is no indication that this folder even exists, there could be more like them. I have no way of knowing how many folders are magically hidden on this mapped drive.

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